Big Data Infrastructures for Neuroinformatics

We design Big Data infrastructures to enable efficient, open and reproducible neuroinformatics.


31 Jul 2019

New pre-print: A performance comparison of Dask and Apache Spark for data-intensive neuroimaging pipelines.

5 Jul 2019

New pre-print: A Conceptual Marketplace Model for IoT Generated Personal Data.

29 May 2019

New pre-print: Evaluation of pilot jobs for Apache Spark applications on HPC clusters.

11 Apr 2019

Tuan Ahn Tran defended his Master thesis.

8 Apr 2019

New pre-print: Subject Cross Validation in Human Activity Recognition.

16 Dec 2018

New pre-print: Performance Evaluation of Big Data Processing Strategies for Neuroimaging.

19 Nov 2018

Soudabeh Barghi defended her Master thesis on "Predicting Computational Reproducibility of Data Analysis Pipelines in Large Population Studies Using Collaborative Filtering".

2 Nov 2018

Monika Sharma defended her Master thesis on "Data and Simulation Models for Route Optimization in Vehicle Routing Problem".

07 Jun 2018

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