Big Data Infrastructures for Neuroinformatics

We design Big Data infrastructures to enable efficient, open and reproducible neuroinformatics.


27 May 2024

New pre-print: An Analysis of Performance Bottlenecks in MRI Pre-Processing

2 May 2024

New pre-print: Open-source tools and platforms to investigate analytical variability in neuroimaging

18 Apr 2024

New pre-print: Hierarchical storage management in user space for neuroimaging applications

28 Mar 2024

New pre-print: Scaling up ridge regression for brain encoding in a massive individual fMRI dataset

27 Feb 2024

New pre-print: The Impact of Hardware Variability on Applications Packaged with Docker and Guix: a Case Study in Neuroimaging

20 Feb 2024

New pre-print: Predicting Parkinson's disease trajectory using clinical and functional MRI features: a reproduction and replication study

30 Aug 2023

New pre-print: Classification of Anomalies in Telecommunication Network KPI Time Series

3 Aug 2023

New pre-print: Numerical Uncertainty of Convolutional Neural Networks Inference for Structural Brain MRI Analysis

3 July 2023

New pre-print: A numerical variability approach to results stability tests and its application to neuroimaging

5 May 2023

New pre-print: Predicting Parkinson's disease progression using MRI-based white matter radiomic biomarker and machine learning: a reproducibility and replicability study

29 Apr 2023

New pre-print: Longitudinal brain structure changes in Parkinson's disease: a replication study

13 Dec 2023

New pre-print: Numerical Stability of DeepGOPlus Inference

11 Oct 2022

New pre-print: Dynamic Ensemble Size Adjustment for Memory Constrained Mondrian Forest

6 Jul 2022

New pre-print: Sea: A lightweight data-placement library for Big Data scientific computing

31 May 2022

New pre-print: NeuroCI: Continuous Integration of Neuroimaging Results Across Software Pipelines and Datasets

18 May 2022

New pre-print: Mondrian Forest for Data Stream Classification Under Memory Constraints

10 Feb 2022

🚨 Open position: postdoctoral fellow (now filled)

21 Dec 2021

New pre-print: PyTracer: Automatically profiling numerical instabilities in Python

25 Aug 2021

New pre-print: The benefits of prefetching for large-scale cloud-based neuroimaging analysis workflows

23 Aug 2021

New pre-print: A Recommender System for Scientific Datasets and Analysis Pipelines

9 Aug 2021

New pre-print: Accurate simulation of operating system updates in neuroimaging using Monte-Carlo arithmetic

29 Jun 2021

New pre-print: Reducing numerical precision preserves classification accuracy in Mondrian Forests

5 Jan 2021

New pre-print: Modeling the Linux page cache for accurate simulation of data-intensive applications

17 Dec 2020

New pre-print: Data Augmentation Through Monte Carlo Arithmetic Leads to More Generalizable Classification in Connectomics

28 Oct 2020

New pre-print: An Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Container Images for Scientific Data Analysis

15 Oct 2020

New pre-print: Numerical Instabilities in Analytical Pipelines Lead to Large and Meaningful Variability in Brain Networks.

27 Aug 2020

New pre-print: A benchmark of data stream classification for human activity recognition on connected objects.

17 Jul 2020

New pre-print: Can we Estimate Truck Accident Risk from Telemetric Data using Machine Learning?

10 Jun 2020

New pre-print: File-based localization of numerical perturbations in data analysis pipelines.

26 Dec 2019

New pre-print: Performance benefits of Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory for the parallel processing of large neuroimaging data.